Making Excuses

Why is it so hard to get started? in ~1 minutes


Once we have the idea, the hard part actually is to get started. For example, I and my team mates (Aman and Yuvraj) had an amazing strategy.

We thought of building out an MVP of our vision of how can we make course creators on YT more money and then once we have this MVP we can start organising the events for our platform by using a lot of my connections.

This way we will have data points that we can show creators when we ask them to use our platform for their own good and organise events on our platform that'll help them make more money.

The plan was laid out

In the month of August we will build out a basic free course platform with some learning features which we will keep on updating based on the user feedback. This way we will have something to offer when for people who want to learn from our platform. Which didn't happen because I had gotten a referral for Google and made an excuse that I want to study for it and my exams are approaching.

Then, in the month of September we will be building out the events part of our application so that we can use the clout from the Hacktober Fest. Connect with as much of my network as possible and organise tonnes of events, some paid some free so that by the end of October we would be having a lot of data points. Not only that we would also collect a lot of feedback which will help improve our product.

So, after end of October we would be able to approach actual creators with the data points we collected, and we would be able persuade them to make events through our platform.

Now, this is one hell of a plan. What’s the problem then?

We don’t have the drive right now, and without it the grit that is required for starting up is not going to be full-filled.

And this underlying reason comes out as “making excuses”. It wouldn’t have taken me and Yuvraj more than 3-4 hours a day to build out the 1-1 and Events in one month, we even trimmed it down to just the events but we didn’t build it. Why? because we’re not ready. We don’t have the drive. We are living cozy comfortable lives which we don’t want to hinder with. (This is not us but our sub conscious which dictates 90% of our decisions)